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Alans Birthaday Run Painscastle July 22nd 2018
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(Race report posted by Martin)
On the 7th July Johnny, Marty and JJ ignored the heatwave and decided to run the Fan-y-Big fell race.....a mere 10.8 miles of “undulating” terrain. Apart from a map and compass the normal mandatory kit for  a Category B fell race was abandoned but carrying water was compulsory.
JJ was very proud of his new socks, Johnny beat the sweeper and Marty beat Jeremy from Wye Vally Runners. 
The results page may show our times as Marty (1HR 44MINS, JJ (2HRS 06MINS) and Johnny (2HRS 20MINS). However, the photo below clearly evidences that we came 1st, 2nd and 3rd!

What elite runners we are. The camera never lies and there is no such thing as fake news.
No doubt we will be asked to represent GB in the next major athletics championship.




(Posted by Martin)

Brockhampton Manor is a lovely National Trust property just outside Bromyard. If you’ve ever been there you’ll be aware that the very long entrance drive goes down, a bit more down and then even further down.
It is from the very bottom of this natural basin that a sole Hay Hotfooter ( Martin AKA Blister Boy) lined up to start the Brockhampton Beast.
Unsurprisingly it was an uphill start that only began to flatten out after about 3 miles. The shock was just how muddy the course was and many an unfortunate runner lost a shoe.

In my bid for eternal glory I finished 8th overall and won  these impressive prizes for being the first MV 50.
It was a very friendly atmosphere with a youth race and a 5k for people getting their first taste of off road running.
If you like undulating muddy courses with fantastic scenery then I may see you there next year. You also get a free bag of Haribo sweets just for finishing!




(Posted by Martin) Photos click here

On Friday 20th April Jo, Martin, Johnny, and Chris returned to the Lakes to compete in the Anniversary Waltz. They were accompanied by Lily in her team support role and designated pasta chef. It is considered one of the great events on the fell racing calendar with 11.5 hilly miles and truly stunning scenery. There was a possibility that this could be the last time the race would be held so it attracted a field of over 600 runners.
In true “ground hog day” spirit they stayed 
in exactly the same caravan as the previous year, slept in the same beds and ate lots of crisps. However, they were hoping not to repeat the events of last year where on the course Jo was reduced to tears and Johnny collapsed from dehydration.
On Saturday the race didn’t start until 11.30 and the temperature was soaring. The early miles were quite pleasant until we hit the first hill where we had to climb 2,500 ft. After that the route can be simply described as a series of up and downs. Despite having to contend with both asthma and hay fever, Jo had a great run whilst a rejuvenated Johnny smashed his time from last year. Poor old Chris was delivered a blow to his ego when a race photographer shouted “suck it in” in a cruel reference to his belly. (Readers will be pleased to hear that the empathetic Martin and Johnny made many positive comments about his waistline that evening)
Martin was exceptionally pleased that he out sprinted the fell running legend Wendy Dodds. Several years ago Wendy destroyed Martin in the Wasdale Horseshoe so revenge was finally his.
In the past there have been several rumours about the caravan antics of these weekends. 
Therefore, as both role models and Hotfooter ambassadors the evening was spent at the book launch for Julie Carter’s 

“Running the Red Line.” It was informative, amusing and inspiring. At the end of a perfect day we bought our signed copies with personal messages. As Julie herself said....
“Just because you’re not a winner doesn’t make you a loser.”

LLANBEDR TO BLAENAFON Disclaimer (HH and webmaster take no responsibility for the report below. This is purely the scribblings of Blister Boy) I dread to think what he'll write aboiut the Anniversary Waltz!)
(Posted by Martin)
On Saturday 31st March Marty, JJ and the Whippet took on this beast of a 15.6 mile fell race. It could be summed up in 4 words....
Marty eventually finished in 3 hours and 22 minutes with JJ coming in at 3 hours and 44 minutes. But where was the Whippet?
In very dubious circumstances he quit after 10 miles at the checkpoint in Abergavenny claiming to be fatigued and worried about the final ascent up the Blorenge.

However, further investigation revealed that he got a lift to the finish line so he could meet up with his new best friend Sian.
The lovely Sian needed a lift from registration to the start so foolishly thought she would be safe in a car with 3 harmless buffoons. Sadly, she made the mistake of sitting in the back next to “Wandering Hands Whippet.”

The poor lady is seen here trying to smile but unable to prise herself away. Closer examination of this photo by a team of Swedish facial expression experts has revealed she is biting her tongue in discomfort!
Fortunately, Sian gave permission for her photo to be used in the race report. With publicity like this the Hotfooters will no doubt be swamped with numerous applications for club membership.
Who knows what frivolous antics the Whippet will get up to in his next race.






Mortimer Forest Dirt Run Half Marathon Posted by Jo

Last minute decision to do this race and managed to rope in Sara who is training for her first marathon in April. It was freezing when we arrived and everyone looked super fit ultra style runners. We were tempted to introduce ourselves to the guy dressed as Mario...who was the back runner.
Looks can be decieving as we realised we were fine...not up the front by any means but certainly not last. This was a great race and I'd highly recomend it. Totally different to the Mortimer Forest race course organised by Ludlow RC (next month).
Lovely bunch of runners, well organised and a race that took you over a whole variety of terrain. We will definitly be doing it again.

Muddy Woody 6 or The very Muddy Woody 6 Posted by Martin

Tina, Jo, Addy, Paul Tree, Martin, Johnny Whippet,Alan Harrhy, Mark and Alan Nicholls all took part in this classic race which is indeed very muddy and very
The snow had cleared as the 375 runners assembled on the start line and Alan Harrhy was his usual enthusiastic self. He is probably now in the Guinness Book of
Records for the highest tally of competing in this event.
Martin was happy to get round without another injury and Mark had a splendid run
in claiming Paul’s scalp. After his impressive victory over Mr Tree, Mark will now be forever known as “The Axeman.” The Whippet alleged that he was on the verge of catching Paul but sadly nobody was able to collaborate this version of events.
Addy claimed glory for the Hotfooters by winning the Under 20 Female Category,
being awarded a shield and several bottles of the finest ale in Herefordshire.
These were later drunk by her dad in the spirit of responsible parenting.
After the race all runners receive a high quality t-shirt and as many doughnuts as they can eat. What more could you possibly want?


Winter Cross Country League Captains report Posted by Tina
Photos Click here

This was yet another very successful and enjoyable Winter XC season for Hay Hotfooters. This year there were 10 men and 12 women running for the club, completing a varying number of the 5 races, some just one but this still helps to make up teams!. Particular thanks to Martyn, Martin, Brian, John Gibson & Addy who ran in all of the races.
It is great that the club had enough runners to make up a mens’ and womens’ teams for each race. We did particularly well at Croft castle and Presteigne (both also Club Championship races) when we had two teams in each category.
Despite being a very small club comparatively our highest team positions were 10th for the women and 13th for the men, which is fantastic given the standard of the competition and the number of clubs and runners that now take part in the Herefordshire XC league.
Congratulations must be given to the Club’s four award winners. Issy and Addy achieving a gold award in their junior categories and Jo and Martin bronze awards in their veteran categories. This is also a spectacular achievement for such a small club.
Finally, thanks to Shaun whose assistance at the finishing line in all the races is appreciated by Mike and us, also for his providing transport to the races.
I’m already looking forward to this Summer’s XC season so hope there will be lots of you Hotfooters running. You really will enjoy them so make the effort!.
All the best
Captain Tina x