Hereford XC winter League 2019-20

The Hereford XC League Races and Results.

ALL RACES  :   11 a.m. START  (The women’s race at Presteigne will start at 10.45 a.m.)
Female  runners  will  run  the  full  distance  with  the  males  at  Rotherwas, Queenswood & Fforest Fields with  shorter  distances  at  Croft  Castle  and  Presteigne.

The Story so far after one race....

Race DatePhotoTitleResultsMap/Flier
02/02/2020Presteigne - Race 5
12/01/2020Rotherwas - Race 4ResultsMap/Flier
01/12/2019Queenswood - Race 3Queenswood - Race 3ResultsMap/Flier
10/11/2019Croft Castle - Race 2Croft Castle - Race 2ResultsMap/Flier
13/10/2019Fforest fields - Race 1Fforest fields - Race 1Results
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