Huntington Chase 11k (28/09/2019)

Mere words cannot describe the Huntington Chase. It truly is a unique experience with fancy dress as an optional extra!  At 6.87 miles (11k) and 1,072 ft (476m according to Strava) of elevation it certainly isn’t an easy course yet everyone always seems to enjoy themselves. You can walk, cycle, ride a horse or even run it.

A horde of Hotfooters took part. It may have been because it was a club championship race but far more likely was the lure of the amazing buffet in the village pub and exciting raffle.

It proved to be a very successful day for the club with a clean sweep of the board. Skye was the 1ST dog and Addy, despite a nasty cut to her knee, was the 1ST lady.
Patrick was 1ST, Joe 2ND and Martin 3RD. (There was a rumour that Joe had to seek medical attention for a sore neck after constantly looking over his shoulder during the last mile as Martin closed the gap to finish only 5 seconds behind for a new PB).

Although Patrick won the finest truffles that money could buy the highlight of his day was being allowed to “rub shoulders with greatness” when two previous winners of this race graciously allowed him to pose with them for this photo. Several years ago the Huntington Chase attracted hundreds of elite runners and its a real credit to their athleticism that the Whippet won it in 2010 and the Gazelle in 2011. Patrick can feel justifiably proud that he has joined an elite group!
For those who care about such things below are the HHF results as best as Martin could ascertain as the race was not officially timed:
Patrick – 51 mins 57 seconds
Joe – 54 mins 23 seconds
Martin C – 54 mins 28 seconds
Addy – 59 mins 30 seconds
Steve – 60 mins 47 seconds
Brian – 61 mins 31 seconds
Paul S – 62 mins 16 seconds
Chris N – 62 mins 17 seconds
Will – 63 mins 56 seconds
Mark – 65 mins 26 seconds
Martyn R. – 74 mins 30 seconds
Sharon C – 74 mins 58 seconds
Alan N – 78 mins 25 seconds

[Ed. The food and hot soup was a fine way to end the day although I must say that I feel slightly aggrieved to have missed the group photo at the end!]