A hard Category. A fell race over 15.8 miles, incorporating the 3 summits of Crug Mawr,
Sugar Loaf and the Blorenge.
To take part you have to be fit, very determined or simply suffering from delusional optimism. It was a hot day, no breeze and only 1 drink station so the Gazelle, Bethan and Bethan’s OMM partner

“Salty Rachel” thought they would give it a go. (For the record, Salty Rachel is not a pirate but the name comes from her highly unusual technique of replacing lost salt on long runs)

The drive to the start included a high-brow discussion on whether if you were absolutely soaking wet after a race, and had no towel, whether it was acceptable to sit in a car naked to dry off. Such a moral dilemma!

Salty Rachel and Bethan had an usual warm-up technique which consisted of who could do the longest headstand. The Gazelle simply stood back and watched in awe of their gymnastic prowess.

The Gazelle was first back in just over 3 hours, finishing 39th. He smashed his time from last year but was even more chuffed to claim a great scalp by finally beating Bethan.
However, in Bethan’s defence….
1. She loyally stuck with Salty Rachel, and
2. They missed a checkpoint and lost time by having to go back. (Any Hotfooters booked on her navigation course should not panic and start checking the refund policy. Apparently all great navigators “deliberately” go off route so they can practice their reorientation)

A special mention needs to be said for the support offered by other Hotfooters. Johnny Whippet left work early to be at the top of the Blorenge with his five star picnic. His encouraging words of “shift your butt, it’s a running race not a walk” were deeply motivational. In addition to this, Sarah drove all the way to the finish so she could cheer us over the line and provide a lift back to Llandbedr. Great time support which was much appreciated.