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The Magic Roundabout
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This years Magic Roundabout will take place on Sunday 9th June 2019
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The BegwnsThe Magic Roundabout was first run 2017. Now firmly established as an iconic event in the racing calender.

The views are spectacular as you circumnavigate the course over 10k.

Starting at the top of The Roundabout the first section is a fast downhill. Don't be complacent though, there are plenty of short climbs to test yourselves.

It is supporter friendly and the course is accessable to cheer on your family and friends.

We also have a seperate event The Mini Roundabout for those wanting to have a go and maybe join it's older sibling next year!

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The Course begins at the Roundabout, 500 m. from the Race H.Q. and at an elevation of 415m with stunning views over the surrounding countryside. Itís an undulating course, 90% being on springy, close-cropped grass with a short section on hard-packed stone track. It will be marked with small, white arrows with Marshals every 500 m. or so.

From the Start the runners descend through low grassy hillocks to a wide, flat grass track for a fast and enjoyable 1700 metres. They then turn right up a narrow track bordered by gorse bushes for about 300 m. then bearing left to descend down a rutted tractor route until, after 3,200 m. they turn right along the stone track for the next 700 m.

So far it has been practically all downhill but now they have then reached the lowest part of the course, 150 m below the roundabout, and meet a broad, grassy, uphill section leading to a shallow ford. Having splashed through this, runners follow the wheel-rutted track for 500 m. before turning uphill just before the 5 km marker.

Cresting the hill, the course leads down towards the water station at 5.8 km before crossing the road close to the race HQ. Itís then uphill again followed by a steep downhill and then a fast kilometer leading to another wheel-rutted section along the fence beside Croesfeilliog farm.

At 7.9 km thereís a sharp turn right and a short, challenging uphill before another good 700 metres of grassy slope followed by a 600 m. steady, uphill push. Over this crest and thereís the last dip and rise ahead after which the last Marshall stands 500 m. from the Finish, a sweet downhill run to the tape, 50 m from race H.Q.

You wonít achieve a 10K PB on this course, itís just challenging enough to give all runners a great feeling of achievement but not too hard for the less experienced. Youíll just have to be satisfied with running the best 10K in Mid Wales!