Following the footpath from Hay to Kington is a mere 15 miles. Anyone who has walked it will know it is dead easy and “mildly undulating”. In fact, it is so easy that well over 200 runners decided to race it on Saturday 15th June.

The Hotfooters had 9 marshals on the course so it was a fantastic achievement that a further 9 of us decided to compete.

It’s very motivating to have your club mates cheering you on. Brian Morgan was particularly enthusiastic and may have usurped Johnny Whippet for the official position of “Impartial Marshal”.

It was a great day with some of us racing this course for the first time and others doing a PB.  We also received the biggest medals ever.

In the spirit of Will’s reflective thinking, what have we learnt from today? The answer is simple…..don’t answer your phone to take a call from work whilst taking part in a race!
(no names mentioned).