Saturday August 14th, 2021

Well another great turnout of 23 and everyone finished too. Some great PB’s and again welcome to our guests. Dave P-P heading for that magic sub 21 mark, Eleanor continuing to chip away, Peter a huge minute quicker on an already quick time and Diego a huge 8 minutes quicker. Methinks he has perhaps been holding back until now! Some of the eagle-eyed of you will have noticed that the %WR times have changed. Thanks to David R for pointing out the discrepancies and sending me the corrected times. Of course it’s only a bit of fun as they are the best times done on track and this run is at least 1m30 slower than a flat tarmac run but at least it is a relative measure for us older folk!

[Ed. Please do try to write legibly on the timesheet even if you are a veteran as it can be challenging to work out exactly what is written. Thanks]