Saturday November 30th

23 runners today which is a record for some time. We almost turned the page on the timing sheet! Great to see Addy back running again after her first period of basic training in the army. Great run by Mark Hird. Another PB and sub 26 minutes. And great to see lots of dogs and fun runners just ‘enjoying’ the early morning fresh air down by the river (yeah right!) after what seemed like quite a heavy night out for many. And of course thanks to the marshalls (Alan and John) this week. And finally a fond farewell to our guest runner Kaleb. It was greata to have you run with us and we’re looking forward to some great photos of the HHF running shirts from lots of exotic places around the world. Bon voyage to you and your partner Beth.

[Ed. Please do try to write legibly on the timesheet even if you are a veteran as it can be challenging to work out exactly what is written. Thanks]