SLMM (6th and 7th July 2019)

The Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon is an epic two day event which 6
brave/foolhardy Hotfooters decided to form three teams to compete in.

Day 1 was hot and hilly. Many a Garmin Watch stopped recording as their owner was going at such a slow pace that their watch thought they had stopped moving! However, as it was possible to purchase alcohol and soft drinks from the midway camp at least you had something to look forward to as you trudged up summit after summit.

Bethan and Sarah smashed the first day on the Wansfell course and were considerably ahead of their club mates. Unlike the OMM, where you get inside your tent at 4PM and don’t come out until 14 hours later, there was a great atmosphere at the campsite.
Gourmet meals were cooked, oral hygiene tips given by ex-dentists, route choices discussed and numerous blister plasters applied.

The Carter family recovered well on day 2, using their infamous navigational skills to plot a splendid route and even beat Bethan and Sarah. Addy and The Gazelle were well chuffed to be the 7th Mixed Team and finish 15th overall.

However, the stars of the weekend were definitely Bethan and Sarah. Their strong run
on Day 1 ensured they won the First Ladies Prize. No Hotfooter has ever been on the podium in a mountain marathon event and it was a spectacular achievement.

Mark had sourced an excellent up market campsite for the Sunday evening with luxuries such as hot water, showers, flushing toilets and only a minute’s walk from the pub. A great way to finish a great weekend.