Talgarth Halloween Fun Run (31/10/2019)

This year we were invited to make our HHF club night the Talgarth Halloween Fun Run and what a great little run! Many thanks to Sharon Lindesay for suggesting it and for the organisers for inviting us. Nice to do something different and to contribute to a great local charity. If you want to find out more about the Drew Barker-Wright charity click here. If you haven’t been to Talgarth Mill before I can highly recommend the cake and mulled apple juice and by all accounts the food and bread is amazing. They also do baking courses and all sorts there so pop along.

We had 33 runners there according to Sharon so no doubt raised some decent money for a good cause.

The course was about 4km up and down the hill into the dark night guided by all sorts of spooks and ghosts. Luckily the rain mostly held off and every came home safely, apart from he who shall not be named (Martin Carter!) who slipped and cut his knee quite badly in pursuit of Patrick and to keep ahead of Bethan (AKA Frog Woman – Ed: self-named).

Afterwards the Mill put on a great spread of apple cake and mulled apple juice. Congrats finally should go to our Antipodean guest runner, Kaleb Krause, who bagged first prize in the beauty contest. Generously he donated the bottle of wine to the club for a special Hay Riverside Run prize to be announced at the Christmas Party. So, thanks to Kaleb. His ‘rubber’ suit WAS amazing although I’m not quite sure where it fitted into the Halloween theme.