With such an inviting name, how could anyone resist this race?

The Gazelle was up for it and so was the Whippet until he was seduced by watching Wales win the Grand Slam.

Addy decided to take part as well. However, as she had always been jealous of the Brilley Boyz’ nicknames, she decided to call herself “Cheetara” due to her excellent sprint finish.(Hotfooters of a certain age will remember this character from the iconic TV series
Thunder Cats)

So the question was……could Cheetara and Gazelle bust up a wolf?

They were both hoping for a lovely 5.6 miles in the picturesque Peak District, as were the other 398 competitors. Nobody seemed bothered by the howling wind, the snow on the summits or the 1,259ft climb during the first mile.

The Gazelle was convinced that his daughter would be tired from her championship race the previous day but, true to her name, she sprinted off from the very beginning. What then followed was an epic struggle with the lead changing several times. The Gazelle kept forging ahead on the climbs only to be caught on the very steep descents.

The slightly uphill finish was the only thing that saved the Gazelle’s pride and
self-esteem as he crossed the line a mere 20 seconds in front. He subsequently retreated once more into his daughter’s shadow as she was the 11th female overall and the 1st U23 female runner! She received a splendid prize of £10 and a box of the Peak
District’s finest ale.