Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge

As many of you may know, the Welsh three peaks consist of Snowdon, Cader Idris and Pen-y-Fan. So, on the 11th of September, Bethan, Sarah, John, Martin and Addy embarked on this epic challenge.
The day began with an early set off at Pen-y-Pass car park at the foot of Snowdon. The weather was somewhat off putting but this did not stop a determined team, for they had fuelled themselves with biscuits from the crafty Hobnob Man (aka Johnny whippet).  So, with leadership from the dogs, the team made it to the ridge. The outstanding views and weather they had hoped for did not appear. They were so battered by the ferocious winds that they were almost blown off the ridge. A masterful run ensured that they reached the summit and headed down quickly before they froze to death! The decent was blissful and it was here that Johnny Whippet came into his own and stormed down the mountain. He was closely followed by the Carter Cartel, Frog Lady (Bethan) and Vixen (Sarah). When the team reached the car park they refuelled with yet again more biscuits and other healthy sugary snacks.

Next the team headed to Cader Idris. Fortunately the weather was on their side which meant an enjoyable climb. Here the Carter Cartel relived their fond memories of the Cader Idris fell face and pointed out what the team had missed out on. They dashed to the summit and not even the hazardous boulder fields phased them. A masterful climb later meant that the three peaks team had reached yet another summit. So onwards they went and stormed down the rugged paths. It was here that Vixen made her attack and charged past the Carters, pipping them to the finish. Here Pig Man (aka Martin) was so distressed that he stuffed his face with Cheetara’s (Addy’s) flapjacks and joined Johnny Whippet to lay on the car park tarmac for a little nap!

Onwards the team went, eventually reaching Pen-y-Fan car park where they were joined by the their loyal and keen companions, the Hay Hotfooters, who had come to support them on the last mountain. The  ascent was tough but this did not stop them! A short but wearisome climb meant that the three peakers struggled to keep up with the ‘fresh legs’. However, sheer determination and ambition drove the team on and meant that they completed the final climb in an astonishing time factoring in their painful limbs. So, yet again the three peakers descended a mountain. It was here where Pig man sought his revenge on Vixen and charged past her into the shadows of Cheetara. However, a very unladylike blocking technique ensured a victory for Cheetara and a crown for her Strava. After a short rest the team were pleasantly surprised with the generosity of their fellow Hotfooters who presented them with cake, flapjacks and award winning brownies! To top this off, the Lovely Lilly presented the three peakers with a bottle of Prosecco which they opened in celebration of finishing their challenge.