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Injury Prevention and Running Coaching to Race Faster
Strength Running
  1. This post was written by Keagen Hadley. He is a licensed doctor of Occupational Therapy and the owner of He is an Amazon bestselling author and passionate about health, wellness, and longevity.

    Are you a runner curious about …

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  2. Athletes are often either wary of pain or try to ignore it entirely. Neither is optimal! But learning to reevaluate your relationship with pain can help you understand what it’s trying to tell you, and help your long-term health.


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  3. With consistency and dedication, it’s never too late to achieve your running goals. Whether you’re a masters runner or discovering running after college, learn how paying attention to the little things can translate to impressive accomplishments.

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  4. As runners, we accept a certain amount of risk for undertaking such a high impact sport. While 100% injury prevention may not be possible, you can learn the best practices to stay healthy for consistent training and racing.

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  5. In recent years, runners have come to accept that strength training is a necessity to stay healthy and perform optimally. But periodized strength training is more effective and today, you’ll learn how to divide your lifting into 3 distinct phases!…

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