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Strength Running
  1. If you’re not already familiar with Grayson Murphy, you will be soon! Grayson’s talent, work ethic, and positive energy have created a force to be reckoned with in the running world.

    Some runners love the length and challenge of the

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  2. Nutrition is a key element for endurance athletes, and even the most optimized training plan isn’t complete without a nutrition strategy to support it. Learn how to use food to improve your training, racing and recovery!

    The concept of food

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  3. What is the psoas, exactly? In this episode you’ll learn all about this important muscle and how it can impact your running and everyday movements.

    The psoas is a little known muscle that plays a major role in complex movements

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  4. Everyone needs down time from hard training to prevent injury and burnout. Learning how to plan your running during this off season can lead to a much more successful race season!

    While it may seem like it’s just semantics, the

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  5. Whether you are thinking about your long-term progress or how to warm up effectively for your next challenging workout, this episode is here to help! We answer listener questions  in this week’s special episode.

    While the act of running is

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